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PayPal the most secure payment gateway

In the recent years, PayPal has emerged as an immensely popular payment gateway. Countless businesses offer the option of PayPal payments. PayPal covers a wide range payment options that allow to accept several payments.

It is a very favorable method of payment amongst the customers too. It is mainly because their personal information is not leaked to the sellers when they pay through PayPal. They use PayPal the way they wish to. Online shoppers are aware of the fact that they become more vulnerable if their personal payment information is leaked. They like PayPal payment gateway as it does not disclose their bank account or credit card numbers.

Advantages of PayPal

Paypal Payment Getway

Several advantages accompany payment via PayPal. These advantages include:

1. Payment done via PayPal is traceable. The status of the payment can be tracked using the personal PayPal account.

2. Payment via PayPal is undeniably convenient and quick. The payment is usually done from the listing page and it directly reaches the seller’s account within no time.

3. There isn’t a need to use a credit card for making the payment. It can be done through your bank account directly.

4. If using a credit card, the card number is not disclosed to the seller. It is safely stored in the PayPal’s server. This reduces the chances of any threat of unauthorized use.

5. Trust and security are two major highlights of payment via PayPal.

6. PayPal offers two payback options. One allows you to pay at the very moment while you may even choose to pay later along with some interest.

7. All the purchases made through PayPal can be seen on a particular monthly statement.

8. It is very safe. In PayPal, you are offered “Zero Fraud Liability” safety, which does not hold you responsible for any unauthorized charges.

9. The payment information is never shown to the seller. In case some information has to be conveyed to the seller, he receives it through an email notification.

PayPal: One of the most popular online payment options

In order to make payments through PayPal, the customers are not supposed to become members of PayPal. It is because of the versatility that PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateway. Transactions made via PayPal are secure and quick. It is easy to set-up as well as integrate the payment option of PayPal into your online store.

There are several online businesses across the globe that use PayPal payment options owing to its widespread popularity. However, you must always decide the payment method that would serve you the best considering the type of your business.